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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has outstanding asset quality in the category of small finance banks and is a market leader in its field. It recorded its all-time high profit in the Last quarter.

This stock is currently trading at around Rs. 47.15 (Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s share price), which is an increase of around one and one-half per cent. It has earned a staggering return of 100% over one year.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2024

In the process, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is working extremely quickly to expand its branch network across every rural part of India to expand the number of customers it serves.

To date, over 575 branches that the bank operates are accessible throughout the country. With that, the ATM network of the bank, which is 491 in number, is also distributed, thanks to which the bank has managed to keep 62.1 million customers enrolled in it.

In the next few years, Ujjivan Small Finance Banks’s focus is the fact that, in the next few years, each kind of superior service connected to its banking services must be readily accessible to all areas of India when the task to become the Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is accomplished.

Customers will witness this and be able to avail of the services, and the operations that the institution is operating will notice an enormous expansion in the same manner.

With the ever-growing large network of banks, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2024 may generate decent returns and meet the initial target of Rs.72. Following that; you can expect the next target as a profit of Rs.89.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2025

According to the latest reports, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has been putting the greatest interest in the digitization of all their banking operations.

The bank is to provide more efficient services to its clients by employing the most modern technology across its operations, a reason that Ujjivan is expanding rapidly when contrasted with the other Small Finance Banks.

The bank has been known to launch new services and products periodically to offer customers better and more efficient services. Including a variety of excellent services such as Complete Family Banking and Doorstep Banking offered for its clients by the banks.

Because the bank is viewed as offering more services for its customers through digitalization, which will make it simple for banks to reach out to prospective customers. This is sure to benefit this bank in the near future.

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As you look at the ongoing updates on business, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2025 indicates positive growth for the company, and it is possible to see the initial goal of Rs.110. Another price target will be Rs.138.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2026

To increase the businesses of banks that are associated with banking, it is recommended to increase its CASA Ratio.

When we examine the CASA Ratio of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank every year, we can see it is growing at a high-speed rate, and the bank is making an excellent profit from offering a large amount of money to its clients.

In the near future, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank will be offering a variety of excellent deals and favourable rates of interest to customers who want to boost the amount of their CASA deposits, so it is expected that many things will take place over the next few months.

In the coming years, the CASA deposits of this bank are expected to increase at a rapid rate, and the bank is likely to be expanding its business extremely quickly through the provision of increasing loans.

The bank’s deposits are expected to grow; if you take a look at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2026 along with expanding the company, the initial goal is around Rs.168.

Then, you’re looking forward to seeing the second goal of Rs.192 in the near future.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2030

If you take a look at the loans book at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, there is a lot of diversification. The management prudently allocates most of its loans within that sector, and the chance of an increase in NPA is minimal.

Most of the bank’s lending book offers loans to customers in areas like groups loans Affordable Housing, Micro Individual Loans, MSE, and Agri Loans.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is known to provide loans in extremely tiny amounts in all the loan segments. As a result, there is no possibility of a rise in the NPA for the institution in future.

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Due to this, the operations of this bank would certainly see its advantages in the near future.

If NPA is controlled If the NPA is controlled, the Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share Price Target 2030 shows an impressive growth rate for shareholders. The share price could certainly be expected to hover at about Rs.440.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Outlook

The market cap of this small finance bank is around 9,153 crore.

Top brokerage house believes that in FY 2024, the total NII could be around 3280 crore. Operating income at Rs 1890 crore, net profit of Rs 1220 crore.

In this scenario, promoters hold 73.7 per cent, FPI, as well as MF’s share, equals 3.9 percent and 7.1 percent.

(Important Note: The advice provided here was offered by a brokerage company. This is not the opinion of our site. Before making any investment, consult with your financial advisor.)

Future of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Share

From a perspective of the future, it is quite large in the small-scale banking industry, but the majority of people living in the rural regions of India who can’t access banking services since Ujjivan Small Finance Bank will be able to tap into this market over the next few years.

It has an excellent chance of being able to catch.

The government is also providing subsidies to loans in the new scheme that aims to encourage the rural economy.

To the fact that Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, which is the one that distributes the bulk of loans in this sector, is likely to reap the most benefit over the next few years.

Risks of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank share

Suppose we consider the greatest risk associated with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank. In that case, the government has many regulations and rules for all banks that are part of the small finance banking sector, and these banks can’t make decisions like other banks.

Concerning the second threat, when we consider the banking industry as a whole, we will see that it is brimming with competition, particularly for smaller banks in the finance sector; there is plenty of competition from both small and large banks.

This is why Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is experiencing difficulties with its operations. It could face many challenges when expanding the duration.

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