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Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

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Zen Technologies Share Price Target: Hello, and welcome to this article. Today, we’ll review Zen Technologies’s operations, how it earns profits, potential growth areas and all sorts of information regarding this business to gain a better understanding of the trend in price targets of Zen Technologies shares.

In addition, after analysing the company’s stock, we will share the results with you, so that you will have an ideas about this stock.

The company has good growth potential, and it is a great investment option for the long term. This article will discuss Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2023, 2024,2025, 2030.

Before dive into Zen Technologies stock price targets let’s look at the Zen Technologies company background, the technical basics, fundamental analysis, shareholders, future potential etc.

It will help you in making a final decision about your next investment. However, first, let’s examine company history and its complete business structure.

Zen Technologies Company Overview

Zen Technologies is a small-cap firm within the IT software industry.

Zen Technologies was founded in 1993 and is located in Hyderabad, India. Zen Technologies is a company that specializes in making combat-training solutions that include development, design, as well as manufacturing.

Zen Technologies produces anti-drone systems, military training simulators, driving simulators, and Live range technology. Zen Technologies has offices in India, the USA, and the UAE.

With over 40 live instruments, including live-fire devices and constructive and virtual training tools, Zen Technologies efficiently supports individual and group training needs.

A pioneer in developing training methods to increase and assess the readiness of soldiers, Zen Technologies has established its position as a major force. With a strong research and development division, Zen Technologies has gotten 110 patents.

Supported by a talented workforce as well as cutting-edge tools for software, its R&D department is adept at developing sophisticated simulators.

Zen Technologies Financial Analysis

Net Profit

In Q3 of the financial year 2022-23, Zen Technologies registered a consolidated net profit of 11.94 crore, which is an impressive increase in profit compared to the net loss of 0.22 crore recorded in the same quarter of the previous year.


The company posted an increase in revenue of more than three times for the business, which reached 52.48 crore in the third quarter of FY23. This is an impressive increase compared to the 16.26 crore earned during the same quarter in the last year.


  • Market Cap ₹ 6,237 Cr.
  • Current Price ₹ 742
  • High / Low ₹ 913 / 175
  • Stock P/E 83.0
  • Book Value ₹ 39.8
  • Dividend Yield 0.03 %
  • ROCE 17.3 %
  • ROE 12.0 %
  • Face Value ₹ 1.00
  • Price to book value 18.6
  • Price to Earning 83.0
  • OPM 40.8 %
  • EPS ₹ 9.31
  • Debt ₹ 5.94 Cr.
  • Debt to equity 0.02
  • Return on equity 12.0 %
  • Return on assets 9.01 %

Zen Technologies Share Price

We will review the expected share price targets of Zen Technologies shares from 2023 until 2030.

We also look at the most important aspects of the company, including its core principles, financial accomplishments and status of orders, upcoming undertakings, and the possibility of it being an appropriate option to invest in the long term.

We will explore the other issues further and consider whether Zen Technologies’ shares offer an acceptable return. We will now dive into the complete and precise information on Zen Technologies share price target from 2023 to 2030.

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2023

Zen Technologies continues to display remarkable growth, fueled by the expansion of its order books.

Zen Technologies’ leadership has expressed confidence in recognizing revenue throughout the financial year, with the possibility of exceeding expectations during the initial quarter of FY23.

The administration expects to secure significant orders through active participation in various defense-related events.

The government has set aside an enormous budget of 52,000 crore to purchase equipment for the domestic defense industry and an additional amount of Rs 35,000 crore for export goals until 2025.

With the ambitious government acquisition goals, the firm is prepared to get more successful orders.

Our research suggests that the company has significant growth potential. We anticipate the share price will be INR 466 by 2023, with a further target of INR 860.

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2024

Zen Technologies holds a prominent position in creating, designing and building internationally recognized training simulators designed for military forces, paramilitary units and other security agencies.

Zen Technologies’ expertise enables it to receive a larger amount of orders both from domestic as well as international markets.

Based on research, we expect Zen Technologies’ involvement in the signature of significant contracts next year. In this regard, we expect a price of INR 896 by 2024 and a second share price target of INR 943.

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2025

The government has launched a production-linked incentive scheme worth around 120 crore for those operating in the drone market.

In response to this program, firms have expressed they are willing to invest around 5 crore rupees to support the program aimed to boost drone manufacturing.

Zen Technologies has a long-standing reputation for developing simulations for training specifically designed for defense forces’ needs. Zen Technologies has effectively provided over 1,000 training equipment to various locations worldwide.

Based on our extensive study of both the technical and fundamental aspects, Zen Technologies has significant potential for producing substantial returns.

Zen Technologies’ share price will be at INR 1043 by 2025. And the second price target is INR 1150.

Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2026

Zen Technologies has a Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E) of 93.0, which is more than the industry P/E of 32.3. This could indicate an overbought situation.

The company has an ROCE of 17.3% and a ROE of 12.0%, which demonstrates its strengths as it develops as a company.

The company’s rapid growth is aided by its exceptional Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, which have led to the acquisition of around 110 patents.

It is proud of its adherence to ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) certification and has earned the prestigious CMMI Maturity Level 5.

In the future, Zen Technologies’ proficient management has mastered the art of navigating challenges. Therefore, a reasonable estimate of Zen Technologies’ share price target in 2026 is INR 1191. The maximum share price is INR 1351.

Zen Technologies share price target 2030

Zen Technologies’ share price goal 2030: Zen Technologies’ Chairman and managing director Ashok Athluri announced that the profits and revenue for Zen Technologies remained at a record level during the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

The company’s CEO said Zen Technologies received new orders of 200 crores in the first quarter. Furthermore, Zen Technologies received orders worth about 500 crore in July.

In the next few months, the company is expected to receive huge orders from India and other countries. If the company can fulfill all of these orders, the company will experience an increase in revenue.

If we talk about Zen Technologies share price target for 2030, the first target is likely to be in the range of 2055 rupees, while the second target is predicted to be Rs 2180.

Zen Technologies Share Price Target Table

YearsTargets (₹)
20231st Target- Rs.466
2nd Target- Rs.860
20241st Target- Rs.896
2nd Target- Rs.943
20251st Target- Rs.1043
2nd Target- Rs.1150
20261st Target- Rs.1191
2nd Target- Rs.1351
20271st Target- Rs.1400
2nd Target- Rs.1580
20281st Target- Rs.1621
2nd Target- Rs.1795
20301st Target- Rs.2055
2nd Target- Rs.2180

Zen Technologies Business Model

The company is at the forefront of the industry and specializes in developing, improving and creating sensors and simulators for training.

The company also produces and develops driving simulator devices to simulate live range events and military simulators for land operations and anti-drone systems.

Zen Technologies develops around 40 various training tools, such as live-fire, virtual and constructive solutions for training and live tools that are designed specifically to train people and forces of the military.

Zen Technologies is also involved in producing weapons simulators and defense equipment.

Future of Zen Technologies share

If we take a look at the next steps for Zen Technologies company, then every product of Zen Technologies looks great.

However, the market for Zen Technologies’ drone solution can be expected to increase quickly in the coming years since this product is utilized in the defense sector and healthcare and also e-commerce.

It’s currently being used in some countries, which is why Zen Tech is investing in research and development. The government plans to invest 5,000 crores into drone technology within the next 2 years.

As a result, 10,000 additional jobs are created. The big analysts predict the drone market will expand to earn six billion dollars over the next few years.

In this scenario, Zen Technologies company will receive lots of government assistance to move further in the direction of Make in India and Self-reliant India. Zen Technologies company will expand its business.

risks of Zen Technologies share

In terms of the risk to Zen Technologies company, Zen Technologies company can run all its projects through the government, which means that the government can change its mind at any time.

Zen Technologies’ revenues and net profit are obscure, and it is difficult to determine whether its share isn’t visible. If the company is awarded an idea, if the drone is part of its product and has a demand, it will likely be in the near future.

Currently, it is just beginning, and that’s why you should put just a bit of this stock based on the development of the business.

Strength of Zen Technologies

  • The year ending in FY23 saw FII raise its stakes from 0.30 percent to 1.29 percent.
  • The company did not have any longer-term borrowing; however, it had a short-term debt of 5.89.
  • It has provided satisfactory returns to its shareholders and has a total absence of pledges from promoters.
  • Profits have shown constant growth over 6 consecutive quarters.

Weaknesses of Zen Technologies

  • There was a drop in promoter holding compared to the last quarter, which amounted to -2.69 percent.
  • Its company’s returns on equity (ROE) in the last three years have averaged 5.60 percent.


  • Tata Elaxi
  • Persistent Sys
  • Oracle Fin.Serv.
  • PB Fintech
  • KPIT Technologies
  • Coforge

Shareholding pattern of Zen Technologies

  • Total Promoter Holding 57.45%
  • Retail and Other 38.87 percent
  • Foreign Institutions 3.47 percent
  • Other Institutions in the United States 0.21 Percent
  • Mutual Funds 0.00 percent

Final Verdict

In the ten years preceding, Zen Technologies Ltd underwent significant changes. Zen Technologies remains unwavering in its commitment to providing top-quality products.

The company has achieved an impressive profit margin based on the current market dynamics and booming demand for its products both globally and in the US. This trend was apparent in the most recent financial quarter in Q4 FY23.

With a positive outlook, Ashok Atluri, the Chairperson and the Managing Director at Zen Technologies, envisions an exceptionally profitable direction for the company over the next few years.


This article is a complete guide to Zen Technologies Share Price Target, where you can find out what Zen Technologies is, its businesses, and Zen Technologies Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030.

Share price forecasts are based on our analysis, research, company fundamentals and history, experiences, and various technical analyses. Also, We have talked in detail about Zen Technologies’s future prospects and growth potential.

Hopefully, this information will help by having all the share price details of Zen Technologies so that you can consider investing in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us in the comment box.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you like this information, share the article with as many people as possible.

Disclaimer: Dear readers, we’d like to inform you that we are not authorized by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The information on this site is only for informational and educational purposes and shouldn’t be considered financial advice or stock recommendations. Also, the share price predictions are completely for reference purposes. The price predictions will only be valid when there are positive signs on the market. Any uncertainty about the company’s future or the current state of the market will not be considered in this study. Though this is just for informational purposes, We are not responsible for any financial loss you might incur through the information on this site. We are here to provide timely updates about the stock market and financial products to help you make better investment choices. Do your own research before any investment.



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