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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target: Vodafone Idea Limited is a telecom company in India which is part of a joint venture with Vodafone Group and Aditya Birla Group.

They operate under the trade of “Vi” and offer mobile voice and data services, fixed-line broadband, fixed-line voice services, and digital television services.

Vodafone Idea is India’s third-largest mobile network operator and second-largest in terms of its subscriber base.

This article will discuss Vodafone Idea Share Price Targets 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030. It will help you in making a final decision about your next investment.

However, first, let’s examine this company, its history and its complete business structure.

Vodafone Idea Company Overview

Vodafone Idea Business Services is committed to being India’s most trusted Telecommunication service provider. It is a part of the Mobility Services sector and offers mobile services worldwide. The company’s total revenues are made from mobile services.

The company has the infrastructure for telecommunications, like mobile towers and fibre networks. It is the main source of its revenues in its home country of the Indian subcontinent.

In 2018, two major telecom companies in India announced that they were merging. Vodafone and Idea Cellular decided to join forces before the merger. Idea Cellular was a pan-India integrated GSM operator that offered 2G, 3G, 5G and 4G services.

It is India’s third-largest mobile operator and is ranked in the top 10 countries operators worldwide, with a daily traffic volume of 1.5 billion minutes per day. Idea’s extensive pan-India coverage extends to more than five hundred thousand cities in India.

From world-class Enterprise Mobility, robust Connectivity and top-of-the-line IoT Solutions to superior Business Communication & Cloud and in-depth Business Analytics & Enabling Solutions, Vodafone Idea Ltd offers the most innovative and cutting-edge technology to help companies in the digital age.

Vodafone Idea Share Price

Vodafone Idea Limited is a public company, and its securities are traded on both the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) as well as its Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The company is saddled with a large quantity of debt on its balance sheet and is to raise funds to pay its financial commitments.

In October 2020, the Supreme Court of India upheld the government’s decision to add adjustable gross revenue (AGR) fees for telecom firms. This added financial strain to the firm, which was struggling to pay its debts.

After the merger, on December 06th, 2021, the share price was highest at INR 16.50. Currently, the company’s price is Rs 12.40 (On March 13 2024).

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024

Management of Vodafone concept is always seen making quick adjustments in numerous strategies in the company to improve its operations and increase the efficiency of its operations.

In the last few years, the management has been seen taking various actions to keep its additional costs in check, due to which the business will surely reap its advantages in the years to come.

The primary goal of management is to minimize the loss of the business to a large extent in the next couple of years and gradually move the company to profit.

You will notice the management taking several such actions in the business in the future, and the company is certain to reap the advantages.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target For 2024 As Follows:

20241st Target- Rs.13
2nd Target- Rs.17

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2025

There is a rumour in the market that the Amazon company is purchasing Vodafone-idea. If this happens, then the business will receive a fresh start.

However, no formal declaration has been announced about whether this firm will purchase Amazon and if it will buy Vodafone-idea.

If Amazon acquires the company, many new modifications will likely be implemented in the business, and all of its customers will have access to 5G, and in the near future, it will be a sign of the latest technology.

The way that all sims are providing their technological service to the market, if Amazon purchases Vodafone-idea, it will bring 5G technology into the market and cover several markets too.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target can yield very high returns through 2025.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target For 2025 As Follows:

20251st Target- Rs.18
2nd Target- Rs.21

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2026

Vodafone Idea is to ensure that its business is kept up-to-date in the rapidly changing technology and provide superior services to its customers and their families; the company is constantly spending a significant amount of money on 5G technology.

The company has bought several of these 5G spectrum bands in the state, so the organization is expected to offer better customer service for its clients in all corners of India in the near future.

The way of Vodafone’s strategy is a success in keeping its business up to date with the latest technology to stay ahead of its rival firm Jio, Airtel; it is assumed that the business will succeed in the years ahead.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target For 2026 As Follows:

20261st Target- Rs.24
2nd Target- Rs.29

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2030

If we consider in the future that the commercial model that the business has is excellent, but the competition for the company is against big companies like Airtel, Jio, all these businesses are operating in the telecom sector, and they are doing everything they can to expand the number of users they have.

On the other hand, Vodafone-idea is actively working to grow its customers, and expectations are growing from the company.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target For 2030 As Follows:

20301st Target- Rs.51
2nd Target- Rs.55

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target Table

YearsTargets (₹)
20241st Target- Rs.13
2nd Target- Rs.17
20251st Target- Rs.18
2nd Target- Rs.21
20261st Target- Rs.24
2nd Target- Rs.29
20271st Target- Rs.32
2nd Target- Rs.35
20281st Target- Rs.38
2nd Target- Rs.43
20291st Target- Rs.45
2nd Target- Rs.49
20301st Target- Rs.51
2nd Target- Rs.55
20401st Target- Rs.74
2nd Target- Rs.79
20501st Target- Rs.98
2nd Target- Rs.105
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Vodafone Idea Shareholding Pattern

  • Promoters: 50.36%
  • Foreign Institutions: 2.27%
  • NBanks Mutual Funds: 0.41%
  • Central Govt: 33.14%
  • Others: 1.88%
  • General Public: 11.76%
  • Financial Institutions: 0.17%
  • Foreign Promoter: 39.45%

What Is The Future Of Vodafone Idea Share?

Vodafone Idea, one of India’s most prominent mobile service providers, has faced numerous problems with intense competition and financial challenges in the past few years.

The company’s share price has been extremely volatile, which reflects the uncertainty around its future prospects.

In the near future, the value shares Vodafone Idea shares will depend on several factors that are crucial to the future:

The environment of regulation: 

Vodafone Idea operates in a highly-regulated business, and any change in the government’s policies, such as spectrum allocation or pricing rules, could affect the performance of the company and the price of its shares.

Investors should be aware of changes and developments in the regulatory framework.

Stability of finances: 

Vodafone Idea has been struggling with a significant debt burden and increasing losses.

The company has implemented a number of steps to strengthen its financial standing, including raising funds via debt and equity offerings and taking measures to reduce costs.

The success of these measures and the capacity to earn profitable profits will play an important role in the direction of its stock.

Expanding networks and technological advances:

The technology of the telecom industry continues to develop, and Vodafone Idea will need to invest in expanding its network infrastructure and updating its technology to remain in the game.

The development of 5G networks as well as the capability to offer new solutions and services, could have an impact on the value of its share.

Market competition:

The Indian telecom industry is extremely competitive, with various players competing to gain market shares.

Vodafone Idea faces fierce competition from the other major operators in telecom, and its capacity to differentiate itself, draw and keep customers, and increase its market share will determine the value of its stock.

Strategic mergers or partnerships:

 In the fast-paced telecom industry, strategic alliances or mergers can profoundly impact the outlook of a business.

Vodafone Idea could explore collaborations with other companies or pursue mergers that will improve its efficiency in operations and standing in the market. These changes can affect the worth and value.


This article is a complete guide to Vodafone Idea Share Price Target, where you can find out what Vodafone Idea is, its businesses, and Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030.

Also, We have talked in detail about Vodafone Idea’s future prospects and growth potential. Hopefully, this information will help by having all the share price details of Vodafone Idea so that you can consider investing in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the comment box. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you like this information, share the article with as many people as possible.


Who is the Vodafone-idea’s CEO? 

Akshay Moondra is the CEO of the Vodafone-idea business.

Where is the headquarter of the Vodafone Idea?

The Vodafone-idea headquarters is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Is Vodafone Idea a good stock to buy?

The business is constantly sustaining enormous losses and also an enormous debt load. How long the company will succeed or fail is an open issue.

Is Vodafone Idea a debt-free company?

It has a loan of approximately 1,80,383.30 crore.

What is the future growth of Vodafone Idea?

The company is in the telecom sector, where there is an ongoing price war. Whether the company will succeed in the face of high debt is not certain.

Should I consider investing in Vodafone Idea Share?

The Vodafone concept is going through a challenging circumstance. This is why there is no chance to provide a decent return to long-term investors.

What is the revival plan of Vodafone?

The management is doing its best to recoup its business. The government can also be observed to provide an amount of relief in AGR payment, because of which there is some optimism.

Can we invest in Vodafone idea shares for the short term?

Because of the variety of information inside this company, the price is constantly going up and down, which means that you may face some risks in the shortest time.



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