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₹35 IPO: 121 Times Subscribed; Today LAST DAY; Father Of Tata Tech, 114% Listing!

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Trident Techlabs IPO: The IPO of SME company Trident Techlabs has opened for investments starting on December 21. The issue is receiving an overwhelming reaction from investors. The IPO was a huge success.

It was subscribed 121.07 times on the second day of bidding on Friday, December 22. Investors can bet on the IPO issue till Tuesday, 26 December. 

Trident Techlabs IPO received an excellent response from retail investors and institutional investors, non-institutional buyers (NIIs), and Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) the following day. 

On the second day, the three sections were completely subscribed.

What are the details Of the subscription?

According to the official data, Trident Techlabs IPO has received 36,5160,000 shares bids, compared to 30,16,000 shares that were available as of 19:30 IST. 

Trident Techlabs has reserved more than 33.8 percent shares for retail investors at a minimum of 14.5 percent in NII, a minimum of 17.55 percent for QIBs and a minimum of 7.86 percent for the market maker as part of the IPO. 

On the second day of the IPO, the portion reserved of shares for investors who are retail was occupied 204.78 times. 

The portion for retail investors part Trident Techlabs IPO had received bids of 31,69,92,000 shares as opposed to 15,48,000 shares offered in this section. 

The portion that was reserved specifically for NII has been filled 68.83 times. In the NII tranche Trident Techlabs IPO had received bids of 4,57,00000 shares, compared to 6,64,000 shares that were offered to the segment. 

The reserved portion of QIB had been taken up 3.07 times. The QIB part in the Trident Techlabs IPO had received bids for 24,68,000 shares versus 8,04,000 shares offered for this segment.

Which price bands are there?

Trident Techlabs is a book-built issue of Rs16.03 crore and a new issue of number of 45.8 thousand shares. The price range of Trident Techlabs IPO has been set at between Rs33 and Rs35 per share. 

The minimum size of lot needed for applications of 4000 shares. The minimum amount of investment required for investors who are retail is 140,000 rupees. 

GYR Capital Advisors Ltd is the book-running administrator of Trident Techlabs IPO. Trident Techlabs IPO, while Mashitala Securities Pvt Ltd is the registrar for the issue. 

The market maker for the Trident Techlabs IPO is Giriraj Stock Broking. It has raised more than Rs4.21 crore from anchor investors Chhattisgarh Investments Ltd and Rajasthan Global Securities Pvt Ltd. 

The Promoters of the business comprise Sukesh Chandra Naithani as well as Praveen Kapoor.

What’s happening with GMP?

Trident Techlabs Gray Market Premium i.e. GMP is Rs40. This suggests Trident Techlabs shares Trident Techlabs were trading at the price of Rs40 in trading on the gray market on Thursday. 

When you consider the price range of the upper price band in Trident Techlabs’ IPO and the present price in grey market prices.

The expected price of the listing was Rs75 for each share that is 114.29 percent more than it was at the IPO rate of 35 rupees.

Trident Techlabs IPO Details

Open Date21 Dec, 2023
Close Date26 Dec, 2023
Lot Size4,000
Minimum Investment₹140,000.00
Issue Price₹ 33 – ₹ 35
Listing Date29 Dec, 2023
Issue Size₹ 16.03 Cr
Face Value₹ 10
Total Shares Offered4,580,000
Offered To Public1,548,000
Retail Max (Shares/Amount)4,000/₹140,000
SectorSoftware & IT Services
Sub SectorSoftware
Issue TypePublic Issue
Listing AtNSE SME

Trident Techlabs IPO Promoter Holding

Share Holding Pre Issue92.48%
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About Trident Techlabs IPO

In 2000, Trident Techlabs Limited provides technology-based solutions for the aerospace, automotive, defense, telecommunications, power distribution and semiconductor industries.

The company is divided into two verticals:

Engineering Solutions: Technical and consulting solutions in the field of system-level electronic design and chip-level electronic design embedded design, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and system modeling Quality and reliability design automation Power Electronics, design of PCBs as well as electromagnetic simulations.

Power System Solutions: providing products and services to power distribution companies that help them improve the potential of their old transmission infrastructure, control the increasing amount of intermittent generation generated by renewable sources of energy, and implement intelligent grid technologies that create complexity in investment decision-making.

Trident Techlabs IPO BRLMs

The book’s lead manager is GYR Capital Advisors Private Limited. The bank that sponsors the issue will be HDFC Bank. The registrar who is responsible for the publication for the publication will be Maashitla Securities Private Limited.

The anchor investors of Trident Techlabs’s IPO

The Trident Techlabs IPO has raised 4.21 crore from anchor investors.

Trident Techlabs IPO price band

The price band of this issue is from Rs 33 to Rs 35.

Trident Techlabs IPO type

The issue is book-building which has an IPO size of 16.03 crores. The issue is completely an IPO comprising 45.8 thousand shares.

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