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150 MW Power Supply Project From Wind Solar Hybrid Project; Focus This Stock

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Multibagger Power Stock: Today, in this post we’ll discuss about Torrent Power latest news, fundamentals, potential growth areas, and all sorts of information regarding this company to gain a better understanding. We hope our analysis will provide you better insight about the company.

Power company Torrent Power Ltd (NSE: TORNTPOWER) has received an order for a big solar project. According to the information given to the stock market, Torrent Power received an order worth Rs 1825 crore on March 28. 

On March 28, the stock closed at the level of 1354.75 (Torrent Power Share Price) with a decline of 4.44 percent. This is a multibagger power stock that has given returns of more than 165% in 1 year.

Torrent Power Order Details

According to the information posted by the BSE, Torrent Power has received a Letter of Award (LoA) from Torrent Power Limited-Distribution Unit for a 150MW (RE Power) grid-connected hybrid wind-solar project established within the Green Shoe Option. The power tariff is ₹3.65 per kWh. 

The project will be commissioned within 24 months through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The contract term will last 25 years after the start of work.

To fulfill the 50 percent CUF requirement The company plans to construct two-and-a-half MW of wind capacity and 150 solar capacity to meet the capacity of the contract.

Torrent Power Share Price History

Multibagger Power Stock has given good returns to the shareholders. The stock has risen by about 9 percent this week and by about 19 percent in 2 weeks. 

On a closing basis, so far this year it has given returns of around 44%, 47% in 3 months, 84% in 6 months, and 165% in one year. The stock has given multibagger returns of 176 percent in 2 years and 226 percent in 3 years.

About Torrent Power Ltd Company 

Torrent Power Limited is an integrated utility that generates, transmits, and distributes electricity in India. 

The company has a thermal power plant that generates 3,092 megawatts and renewable power plants that produce 1,804 Megawatts. 

The company also distributes power in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar as well as Surat, Dahej SEZ, the UTs of Dadra & Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu, covering an approximate area of 1,028 sq km. 

It is also a franchisee in the cities of Bhiwandi Agra and Shil-Mumbra-Kalwa, covering approximately 1,007 sq km. 

The company was founded in India in 2004. It is located in Ahmedabad. Torrent Power Limited, a subsidiary company of Torrent Investments Private Limited, was founded in 2004.

Fundamental Analysis of Torrent Power Ltd

Market Cap₹ 65,265 Cr.
Current Price₹ 1,358
52-wk High₹ 1,515
52-wk Low₹ 506
Stock P/E35.2
Book Value₹ 247
Dividend0.96 %
ROCE18.3 %
ROE19.6 %
Face Value₹ 10.00
P/B Value5.51
OPM17.0 %
EPS₹ 38.5
Debt₹ 10,685 Cr.
Debt to Equity0.90

Torrent Power Ltd Share Price Target 2024 To 2030

Year1st Target2nd Target
2024₹ 1200₹ 1500
2025₹ 1512₹ 1548
2026₹ 1600₹ 1789
2027₹ 1800₹ 2000
2028₹ 2145₹ 2356
2029₹ 2458₹ 2600
2030₹ 2648₹ 2789
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Torrent Power Ltd Shareholding Pattern

Promoters Holding
Dec 202253.56%
Mar 202353.56%
June 202353.56%
Sept 202353.56%
Dec 202353.56%
FII Holding
Dec 20226.73%
Mar 20236.30%
June 20236.04%
Sept 20236.17%
Dec 20236.13%
DII Holding
Dec 202221.31%
Mar 202321.63%
June 202321.68%
Sept 202321.63%
Dec 202321.62%
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Govt. Holding
Dec 20221.47%
Mar 20231.47%
June 20231.47%
Sept 20231.47%
Dec 20231.47%
Public Holding
Dec 202216.94%
Mar 202317.02%
June 202317.25%
Sept 202317.19%
Dec 202317.23%

Torrent Power Ltd Share: Last 5 Years’ Financial Condition

To better understand how the market is performing, let’s look at the outlook of this share in the previous years. 

However, investors should be aware of the risks and the market conditions before making any investment decision.

Last 5 Years’ Sales:

2019₹ 13,151 Cr
2020₹ 13,641 Cr
2021₹ 12,173 Cr
2022₹ 14,258 Cr
2023₹ 26,692 Cr
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Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2019₹ 904 Cr
2020₹ 1,179 Cr
2021₹ 1,296 Cr
2022₹ 459 Cr
2023₹ 1,933 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Debt-To-Equity Ratio:


Last 10 Years’ Profit Growth:

10 Years:19%
5 Years:18%
3 Years:11%
Current Year:-21%

Last 10 years’ Return on Equity (ROE):

10 Years:11%
5 Years:14%
3 Years:14%
Last Year:20%

Sales Growth Over 10 Years:

10 Years:12%
5 Years:17%
3 Years:24%
Current Year:14%


This article is a complete guide about Torrent Power Ltd Share. This information and forecasts are based on our research, company fundamentals, history, experiences, and technical analyses. 

Also, We have discussed the share’s prospects and growth potential in detail.

This information will help you in your further investment. 

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If you have any further queries, please comment below. We will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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Disclaimer: The information on this site is only for informational and educational purposes and shouldn’t be considered financial advice or stock recommendations. We are here to provide timely updates about the stock market and financial products to help you make better investment choices. Do your own research before any investment.



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