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TATA Recently Signed MoU; TATA Will Make Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

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Both companies will draw on their resources and strengths to tackle challenges like range anxiety, charging, and access to electric vehicles.

Presently, because of issues with charging and range, people are not adopting electric vehicles as quickly.

The main reason for the slow sales of electric vehicles is the shortage of charging stations.

In this agreement, the Tata Passenger and Shell India companies will encourage consumers to use electric vehicles. Both companies are looking to launch programs for loyalty and payment systems to make it easier.

Tata Group Charging Station

Through this collaboration between the two companies, Shell’s fuel station network across the country and Tata’s passenger electric mobility system, which includes charging points, will be constructed using Tata’s 1.4 million electric vehicles that travel across Indian roads.

Tata company has announced that charging stations will be set up in areas where drivers of Tata electric vehicles often go. Regarding electric passenger cars, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility has a 71% market share.

The company has launched its first EV-exclusive store in Gurugram.

The company has also worked with various charge point operators to develop the country’s charging infrastructure.

Partnership Will Help Promote EV

The partnership will also contribute to the aim of encouraging electric vehicles and reducing emissions.



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