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99% Share Crash; But Rs 1 Lakh Has Become Rs 24 Lakh; Now Price Only ₹27

Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Power (NSE: RPOWER) has transformed. Reliance Power has become debt-free. 

Reliance Power shares had been lower by more than 99 percent and to the value of Rs 1.

Meanwhile, the company’s share has seen a good recovery in 4 years. Reliance Power shares have climbed more than 2300 percent in 4 years. 

The company’s shares have invested Rs 1 lakh more than Rs 24 lakh in this period. Reliance Power shares are trading at Rs 27.70 on 11 July 2024.

Made Rs 1 Lakh Into More Than 24 Lakh

The share of Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Power was at Rs 274.84 on 23 May 2008. The shares of the company fell over 99 percent from this point to 1.13 on the 27th of March, 2020. 

Reliance Power share is trading at 27.70 on 11 July 2024. Over the last four years, the stock of this company has risen by more than 2350 percent.

If someone had put up Rs. 1 lakh into Reliance Power shares on 27 March 2020 and continued to hold his investment, the worth of these shares would have been the amount of 24.51 lakh as of today.

Shares Of The Company Has Risen By More Than 145% Over The Last 2 Years

Share of Reliance Power has seen a rapid increase over the past couple of years. The shares of Reliance Power have climbed more than 145 percent over the past two years. 

The shares of the company stood at 11.28 on July 15, 2022. The shares of the company are at 27.70 as of 11 July 2024. 

Stocks in Reliance Power have jumped by more than 80 percent during the last year. Shares of the firm traded with a price of 15.36 on the time of the 11th day of July 2023.

Reliance Power shares have reached 27.70 rupees 27.70 on the 11th of July, 2024. 

The 52-week high of the shares of the company is 34.35. Similarly, the 52-week low for shares of the firm has been 14.88.

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