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₹5 Share; Company Receives 5000 Solar Pump Supply Order From Maharashtra Govt

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Ishan International Share Today: On the last trading day, there was a rise in the stock market BSE Sensex was functioning at the level of 72044 points, up by 300 points, while Nifty was up by 81 points at the level of 21,852 points. But it was working. 

In the bullish phase of the stock market Ishan International’s share was registering an increase of over four percent. They opened for 5.80 and a gain of 20 paise.

Shares of Ishan International, with a market cap of around 110 crore, have caused a loss of 11 percent to investors in the last week and its shares have come down from the level of Rs 5.75 to the level of Rs 5.10.

However, in the last month, Ishan International shares have given a return of 70 percent to investors from the level of ₹3. In the last 3 months, Ishaan International shares have given a return of 118 percent to investors.

Ishaan International, which is operating in the stock market at the level of 84 paise on August 4, 2023, is a micro-cap company whose shares have given a bumper return of 507 percent to investors.

Ishan International has informed the stock market that recently it has received an order for a solar project worth Rs 150 crore from the Maharashtra Government. 

Ishan International Limited has received an order for the supply installation, maintenance, and installation of solar-powered agricultural pumps from the Government of Maharashtra under the KUSUM scheme of the Government of India, the cost of which is about 150 crore rupees.

Established in the year 1995, Ishaan International is a company in the heavy engineering sector that has been operating for 26 years. The company operates in sugar, pharma, hydropower, and pollution control system segments. 

Under the order received from the Maharashtra Government, the company has to supply 5000 solar power agriculture pumps. The company expects that this order will have a significant impact on its operations and profits.

Ishaan International expects that its sales revenue can cross Rs 70 crore in the year 2024-25, which can see a good growth of 100 percent on a year-on-year basis.

About Ishan International Ltd 

Ishan International Limited is an Indian-based company. The Company is involved in construction projects that focus on the training of operators or contracts for a variety of factories like jaggery, sugar pharmaceutical, hydropower, and so on.

The Company has a diversified product portfolio, which includes hydropower plants, wind power, transformers or sub-stations, generators, sugar machinery, boilers, equipment for cement plants, water treatment and bottling plants, pollution control equipment, and pharmaceutical machinery.

The company also assists in creating projects, supervising of installation and commissioning of machines, as well as operational and other related technical assistance.

The Company offers engineering solutions and services for all kinds of operations in jaggery, sugar, hydropower, and pharmaceuticals, as well as the control of pollution systems.

Fundamental Analysis of Ishan International Ltd

Market Cap₹ 110 Cr.
Current Price₹ 5.10
52-wk High₹ 6.00 
52-wk Low₹ 0.58
Stock P/E263
Book Value₹ 1.07
Dividend0.00 %
ROCE6.00 %
ROE3.33 %
Face Value₹ 1.00
P/B Value4.76
OPM0.41 %
EPS₹ 0.05
Debt₹ 5.29 Cr.
Debt to Equity0.23

Ishan International Share Price Target 2024 To 2030

Year1st Target2nd Target
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 Ishan International Ltd Shareholding Pattern

Promoters Holding
Dec 2022
Mar 202368.10%
June 202368.10%
Sept 202368.10%
Dec 2023
Public Holding
Dec 2022
Mar 202331.90%
June 202331.90%
Sept 202331.90%
Dec 2023

Ishan International Ltd Share: Last 5 Years’ Financial Condition

To better understand how the market is performing, let’s look at the outlook of this share in the previous years. 

However, investors should be aware of the risks and the market conditions before making any investment decision.

Last 5 Years’ Sales:

2020₹ 21.91 Cr
2021₹ 22.21 Cr
2022₹ 21.12 Cr
2023₹ 31.35 Cr
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Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2020₹ 0.28 Cr
2021₹ 0.15 Cr
2022₹ 1.24 Cr
2023₹ 0.99 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Debt-To-Equity Ratio:


Last 10 Years’ Profit Growth:

10 Years:
5 Years:
3 Years:23%
Current Year:-13%
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Last 10 years’ Return on Equity (ROE):

10 Years:
5 Years:
3 Years:8%
Last Year:3%

Sales Growth Over 10 Years:

10 Years:
5 Years:
3 Years:18%
Current Year:17%


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Also, We have discussed the share’s prospects and growth potential in detail.

This information will help you in your further investment. 

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