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Is It Possible To Invest 100 Rs In The Share Market?

Share Market

Is It Possible To Invest 100 Rs In The Share Market: In general, people who are new to investing in stocks or are considered novice investors, their first questions will be how much money they should begin investing in the stock market.

Are stocks not a good investment if you do not have lots of money? Are 100 rupees able to be invested in the stock market? This is the topic we are going to talk about in this article.

Today, we will talk about the minimum amount new investors should start investing and whether you can put up Rs 100 into the shares. Keep Reading.

Many quality shares are available on the market at rates below 100 rupees, and these shares are likely to increase their value over time.

Value investing is an investment that involves long-term investing in stocks with low value. If you can invest in these shares over a prolonged duration strategically, it is possible to earn a substantial return.

How do you put 100 rupees into stocks?

Single Share

A stock market is a place where stocks of a variety of corporations are sold. It allows investors such as me and you to invest in businesses we usually know.

These stocks are the most popular investment choice for speculators, traders and investors. Traders often purchase and sell stocks to make quick profits, whereas investors hold the shares for a long time and are looking for better returns over time.

If you’re just a beginner and would like to invest in the share market, a single share investment with a minimum of 100 rupees can be a good choice.

It is essential to keep in mind that a company’s share price may fluctuate. So, you must invest only in shares of companies you feel confident in.

Penny Stocks

If you can come up with a small amount of money that you wish to put into the stock market, you could put it into a penny stock. However, being conscious of your risk tolerance before committing is important.

Trading in penny stocks is thought to be more dangerous than investing in shares of corporations that are listed on stock exchanges.

Due to their low cost per share and the small amount of capitalization in the market, penny stocks may be more unstable and liquid than traditional stocks.

If you do not want to become victimized by penny stock scams, make sure to make a purchase in penny stock after you have researched the company thoroughly before purchasing penny stocks.

Review the company’s financial history as well as the latest information and SEC filings to determine whether it’s worthwhile to invest in.

Equity Mutual Fund

Equity Mutual Fund is a great investment option for a variety of investors. This fund gathers funds from many investors and generates excellent returns by investing the funds in a variety of stocks.

Many mutual funds have minimum investment requirements, which means you can invest as little as Rs 100 or less.

A group of experts managing the fund is an excellent way to create an investment portfolio with a variety of stocks.

Choosing the best Equity Mutual Fund carefully is crucial based on your specific needs. If you’re not comfortable with the process of investing, there may be better choices than Equity funds for you.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

As with mutual funds, ETF investors can invest in a diversified portfolio. They are traded on the stock exchange in the individual stocks as well.

A lot of ETFs come with low minimum investment requirements. That means you can invest in as little as Rs.100.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):

The SIP investment option allows investors to invest a specific amount at regular intervals (monthly or every quarter). The minimum investment amount could be as low as 100 rupees.

Stocks With A Price Less Than Rs100

There are a variety of excellent stocks in the market for purchase at rates below 100 rupees that can increase in value over time.

These stocks are considered investment options worth the money, and investors will reap huge returns if they make smart investments in these stocks over an extended period.

It is possible to purchase these shares via your Demat account or trading account for just Rs.100. Keep in mind that these stocks are risk-free and frequently face extreme volatility in the market.

You can use the limit order to purchase a share amount at a specific price. For instance, if you would like to buy the shares of 10 shareholders in a company for an amount of Rs.95/share, You can put in the order in a limit.

It will only be executed when the price of the shares reaches a minimum of Rs.95.


In reality, there is no set amount or minimum that is required to invest in the stock market. It all depends on the investor’s choice and confidence, as well as his capacity to invest.

As a rule, a new investor shouldn’t invest large sums of money initially. It is suggested to start investing less money and then increase it gradually as you gain the amount of experience.



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