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IFCI Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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IFCI Share Price Target: Hello, and welcome to this article. Today, we’ll review IFCI’s operations, how it earns profits, potential growth areas and all sorts of information regarding this business to gain a better understanding of the trend in price targets of IFCI shares.

In addition, after analysing the company’s stock, we will share the results with you, so that you will have an ideas about this stock.

The company has good growth potential, and it is a great investment option for the long term.

If we talk about the history of shares of IFCI Limited, the shares of the company have increased by 90 percent in the last 5 years. At the same time, they have increased by 140 percent in the last one year.

This article will discuss IFCI Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030.

Before dive into IFCI stock price targets let’s look at the IFCI company background, the technical basics, fundamental analysis, shareholders, future potential etc.

It will help you in making a final decision about your next investment. However, first, let’s examine company history and its complete business structure.

IFCI Fundamental Analysis

  • Market Cap ₹ 5,567 Cr.
  • Current Price ₹ 25.4
  • High / Low ₹ 26.6 / 9.00
  • Book Value ₹ 17.2
  • Dividend Yield 0.00 %
  • ROCE 5.39 %
  • ROE -3.81 %
  • Face Value ₹ 10.0
  • Price to book value 1.48
  • OPM 51.7 %
  • EPS ₹ -0.60
  • Debt ₹ 6,020 Cr.
  • Debt to equity 1.60
  • Return on equity -3.81 %
  • Return on assets -0.77 %

IFCI Company Overview

IFCI, whose full name is Industrial Finance Corporation of India. The company is running its business since 1993 till now. IFCI mainly employs more than 170 employees.

IFCI provides financial assistance for the development of other industries, not only this but apart from this some other loan services are also provided by this company.

If we talk about the business of this company, then services like Financial Product, Investment Product and Advice are prominent in it.

The company’s headquarters is located in Delhi, India. This company was listed in the stock market on January 1, 1999.

Currently IFCI’s Market Cap is ₹5,567 crore, which means it is a Small Market Cap company. Till now it has not provided any significant returns to the investors.

IFCI Limited is a major bank in India founded in 1948 to help promote the development of India’s industry. The firm is playing an important role in financing different areas in the Indian economy, which includes manufacturing, infrastructure, and services.

In this post, we’ll examine the business and financial results that has been achieved by IFCI Limited in recent years.

IFCI Share Price Target 2023

For information, let me tell you that IFCI has not yet given any good returns to its investors. At the time of listing its share price was around Rs 16, but currently its price seems to be trading around Rs 23.

IFCI has not done much business yet, although its prices have increased from time to time. Once its price had exceeded Rs 100. But again it fell down and its price is now trading between Rs 20 to Rs 25.

But if we talk about short term i.e. IFCI Share Price Target 2023, then its first target of 2023 can be Rs 20 and its second target is expected to go up to Rs 24.

There is a lot of fluctuation in the company’s performance, hence the target price can be more or less.

IFCI Share Price Target 2024

One sign of a good company is its promoter holding. If the promoter has more shareholding in the company, then chances are that the company is quite good.

But if it is not there then it is a bad signal. And something similar is being seen with this company also.

IFCI’s promoters hold 70.32 percent, public holds 22.03 percent, Dll holds 6.14 percent and Fll holds 1.51 percent, which looks quite good.

Share holding of promoters in the company is quite high and this is the most special thing about this company.

In this way, it is expected that IFCI can give decent returns in 2024 also. If we look at the IFCI Share Price Target 2024, the first target of 2024 is likely to be raised to Rs 26, and the next target could easily reach Rs 30.

IFCI Share Price Target 2025

If you love the IFCI business and decided on your decision to invest in it then you’ll be glad to learn that the maximum investment in the company was made through the president of India. He has huge holding of this company, whose value is Rs 1,609.89 crore.

Let me tell you that this holding is not so much from the beginning but it is gradually being increased, which clearly means that the President of India has a lot of expectations from this company. According to them, it can grow significantly in future.

If we think about IFCI Share Price Target 2025 it could give decent returns in 2025. the first target for 2025 could be Rs 40, and the second target could be as low as Rs 50 or even higher.

IFCI Share Price Target 2026

There is currently no increase in the income of IFCI company because its sales are not increasing continuously. But the management of the company has now improved a lot and is taking very good decisions regarding its future.

Due to which it is expected that there will be a continuous increase in its sales in the future.

And share price will also increase. But friends, if we look at its financial condition, it becomes clear that the revenue of this company is continuously decreasing.

IFCI has been running at a loss since 2019, in 2018 the company made a profit of Rs 418 crore but in 2022 it also suffered a loss of Rs 1831 crore.

In this case if we are talking about IFCI Share Price Target in 2026 the first target of 2026 can increase to Rs 65, while the next target could go up to Rs. 80. But it depends on IFCI only.

IFCI Share Price Target 2030

The main reason behind this huge loss suffered by the company is the lack of success of its management.

Considering the performance of this company, much rise in its share price cannot be expected. But it can be said that the future can give decent returns.

As far as 2030 is concerned, 2030 becomes long term and if you want to earn good profits by investing in a company for long term, then you should not invest in this company at all because there is no more hope from it, you can invest in some other company.

If we talk about IFCI Share Price Target 2030, then its first target of 2030 can go up to Rs 100 and the second target can go up to Rs 120. But if you invest in it, invest less.

What is the risk in IFCI shares?

The company is currently incurring losses and this is its biggest risk. Friends, this company also has debt, but in comparison the company has very less assets.

Due to which there is not much risk in it. But the company’s performance is continuously declining, which remains a matter of concern.

What is the future of IFCI?

After registration in 1956, this company has become a government company. At present, it is a government company which works in the non-banking finance sector.

According to the income sheet, the company has to suffer a huge loss of about ₹ 1832 crore in 2022.

If we look at the balance sheet data, it comes to light that the assets of the company have been continuously decreasing since the year 2018.

It had assets worth ₹15487 crore in 2022. Not only this, but along with this, there is a continuous decrease in the cash flow of the company.

Considering this, we can say that its business is unlikely to continue for a long time.

Since there has not been any significant growth in the company, it is better for long term investors to please stay away from this company.

Business Performance:

The business performance of IFCI Limited has been impressive in recent years. In addition, the company has expanded its operations to meet the requirements of different segments that make up the Indian economy. 

The company’s primary focus is on funding industrial projects and infrastructure as well as the manufacturing and service sectors.

In the field of infrastructure the company has been funding a variety of projects like ports, roads and airports. It has also been offering financing to renewable energy projects like solar and wind power. 

In the manufacturing industry this company is able to finance diverse industries, such as cement, steel, and textiles. In the service industry it has also been financing a range of sectors, such as education, healthcare, and tourism.

The company is also expanding its operations through the opening of new branches and offices throughout the nation. It has significant presence in several states which include Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 

The company is also using technology that is digital to improve its services, which include online application for loans and online client support.

Final View Of IFCI Limited

The IFCI Limited’s business and financial performance has been steadily improving over the last few years. The company has focused on financing different sectors that make up the Indian economy, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, as well as services. 

The company’s revenues and net profit have increased and its total assets, loans and the advances it gives to its customers has increased. 

The firm has a significant presence across various states and is using technology such as digital to enhance its offerings. 

In the end, IFCI Limited is a well-managed and financially sound financial institution which is well-positioned to support the expansion in its Indian economy.


This article is a complete guide to IFCI Share Price Target, where you can find out what IFCI is, its businesses, and IFCI Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030.

Share price forecasts are based on our analysis, research, company fundamentals and history, experiences, and various technical analyses. Also, We have talked in detail about IFCI’s future prospects and growth potential.

Hopefully, this information will help by having all the share price details of IFCI so that you can consider investing in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us in the comment box.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you like this information, share the article with as many people as possible.

Disclaimer: Dear readers, we’d like to inform you that we are not authorized by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The information on this site is only for informational and educational purposes and shouldn’t be considered financial advice or stock recommendations. Also, the share price predictions are completely for reference purposes. The price predictions will only be valid when there are positive signs on the market. Any uncertainty about the company’s future or the current state of the market will not be considered in this study. Though this is just for informational purposes, We are not responsible for any financial loss you might incur through the information on this site. We are here to provide timely updates about the stock market and financial products to help you make better investment choices. Do your own research before any investment.



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