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This Share Will Give Earnings In 3-5 Days, Strong Buying In This Share; Target Price

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ICICI Bank (NSE: ICICIBANK) Stock to Buy: Today, in this post we’ll discuss about ICICI Bank latest news, fundamentals, potential growth areas, and all sorts of information regarding this company to gain a better understanding.

We hope our analysis will provide you better insight about the company.

Trading started in the green in the domestic market amid mixed global signals. With the surge of the stock market, the brokerage company has made the banking shares of ICICI Bank a short-term technical selection.

Brokerage has recommended taking the position within this company for 2-3 days. In the first quarter of this year, this stock gained about 11 percent. There is strong buying in the stock market on Thursday.

Sensex is trading near 74900 after rising by about 200 points. Nifty is also trading beyond 22700. Maximum purchasing is being seen in the metal sector in the market. Tata Steel’s share is the top gainer in Nifty.

ICICI Bank: Target For 2-3 Days

A brokerage company has selected ICICI Bank as a technical selection from a three-day perspective. The target has been set at 1160 rupees.

On the 9th of April 2024, the price of shares closed at Rs 1107. At its current value, stocks could be expected to earn 5-6 percent. The 52-week high of this stock is 1,116, and the lowest is 865.

ICICI Bank: Shares Showed A Rise

The performance of ICICI Bank has been good in the last year. This stock has risen by about 28 percent in the last year. 

There has been a gain of 17 percent for this stock over the last six months. The stock has given a return of 11 percent so far this year. 

In the same vein, there was an increase of 3 percent for this stock in the past week. The market capitalization of the company on BSE is higher than 7.79 crore.

About ICICI Bank Ltd 

ICICI Bank provides the most extensive selection of banking services and products.

They offer current and savings accounts credit cards, loan investments, NRI services, and many more. The company is a major player in India and has a worldwide client base.

Using a holistic approach, the company strives to meet the needs of its diverse clientele base. This includes offering a variety of services, leveraging new technology, and providing a personalized customer experience.

The bank also focuses on innovation, including the development of digital and mobile banking platforms.

Its social media strategy is focused on capturing the attention of young consumers. It is also investing in IT infrastructure to improve employee efficiency and provide a better user experience.

Fundamental Analysis of ICICI Bank

Market Cap₹ 7,78,464 Cr.
Current Price₹ 1,108.80
52-wk High₹ 1,116.55
52-wk Low₹ 880
Stock P/E18.4
Book Value₹ 307
Dividend0.72 %
ROCE6.32 %
ROE17.2 %
Face Value₹ 2.00
P/B Value3.62
OPM36.0 %
EPS₹ 60.6
Debt₹ 13,99,894 Cr.
Debt to Equity6.53

ICICI Bank Share Price Target 2024 To 2030

Year1st Target2nd Target
2024₹ 1175₹ 1375
2025₹ 1400₹ 1485
2026₹ 1500₹ 1589
2027₹ 1600₹ 1690
2028₹ 1754₹ 1898
2029₹ 1900₹ 1950
2030₹ 1980₹ 2098
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ICICI Bank Shareholding Pattern

FII Holding
Dec 202245.11%
Mar 202344.16%
June 202344.53%
Sept 202344.39%
Dec 202343.65%
DII Holding
Dec 202244.18%
Mar 202345.11%
June 202345.00%
Sept 202345.27%
Dec 202346.00%
Govt. Holding
Dec 20220.24%
Mar 20230.24%
June 20230.25%
Sept 20230.26%
Dec 20230.27%
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Public Holding
Dec 202210.46%
Mar 202310.48%
June 202310.22%
Sept 202310.09%
Dec 202310.09%

ICICI Bank Ltd Share: Last 5 Years’ Financial Condition

To better understand how the market is performing, let’s look at the outlook of this share in the previous years. 

However, investors should be aware of the risks and the market conditions before making any investment decision.

Last 5 Years’ Sales:

2019₹ 71,982 Cr
2020₹ 84,836 Cr
2021₹ 89,163 Cr
2022₹ 95,407 Cr
2023₹ 151,348 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2019₹ 5,689 Cr
2020₹ 11,225 Cr
2021₹ 20,364 Cr
2022₹ 26,538 Cr
2023₹ 44,117 Cr
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Last 10 Years’ Profit Growth:

10 Years:14%
5 Years:35%
3 Years:53%
Current Year:33%

Last 10 years’ Return on Equity (ROE):

10 Years:12%
5 Years:12%
3 Years:15%
Last Year:17%

Sales Growth Over 10 Years:

10 Years:10%
5 Years:14%
3 Years:13%
Current Year:36%


This article is a complete guide about ICICI Bank Ltd Share. This information and forecasts are based on our research, company fundamentals, history, experiences, and technical analyses. 

Also, We have discussed the share’s prospects and growth potential in detail.

This information will help you in your further investment. 

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