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Rs 1265 New IPO May Cross Maruti Suzuki Share Value ₹12000; IPO Comparable To Suzuki Valuation

Hyundai Motor IPO: Ever since the discussion has gained momentum that Hyundai Motor India’s IPO is coming, there has been a stir in investors’ minds. The market expert thinks this Rs 1265 New IPO May Cross Maruti Suzuki’s Share Value ₹12000.

What will be the price of the company remains a big question. 

According to the report, the price band of the company’s IPO can be between Rs 1265 to Rs 1988. According to reports, the company seeks to raise 3.5 billion through IPO.

Big Good News About The Company

According to the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association of India’s report, Hyundai has successfully sold 2,72,207 units in India from January to June 2024. 

In the same period last year, the company sold 2,66,760 units. That is, on an annual basis, the company’s sales have increased by 2 percent.

According to the FADA report, the company’s share in the Indian Passenger Vehicles Market is 13.80 percent. The company is second after Maruti Suzuki.

How Big Is The Company

Hyundai Motor India is the second company to produce original equipment in the country’s passenger vehicle industry since FY 2009. 

From FY 2005 to 2022, the company proved to be the highest exporting company from the country in the passenger vehicle segment. 

According to the report, the promoters can reduce their stake by 17.50 percent through IPO. The performance of the Nifty Auto Index has been excellent in the last one year

According to the report, the performance of the Nifty Auto Index has been very good. In the past year, the Nifty Auto Index has experienced an increase of 68 percent. 

Simultaneously, it’s been up by 18 percent over three years. In such a situation, if investors get a new opportunity, they may be attracted to it.

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