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Government Company Share Breaks Earnings Records History; 29,810 Crore Revenue

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Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (NSE: HAL): Today, in this post we’ll discuss about Hindustan Aeronautics latest news, fundamentals, potential growth areas, and all sorts of information regarding this company to gain a better understanding. We hope our analysis will provide you better insight about the company.

A government aerospace and defense firm Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has received record revenues in the fiscal year 2023-24. The company has received a revenue of Rs 298.10 billion, which is 11% more than last year. 

Earlier in 2022-23 also the company had achieved a growth of 9%. Then the company received a total revenue of Rs 26,928 crore. 

Company Chief CB Ananthakrishnan said, “Despite many geopolitical challenges in the supply chain, we have achieved success. We have had good performance throughout the year. Till March 31, 2024, we had total orders worth Rs 94 thousand crore in the last financial year. We are hoping that there will be a lot of growth during the upcoming financial year as well.”

company got contracts

He said that the company got manufacturing contracts worth a total of Rs 19 thousand crores. Apart from this, contracts for repairing and overhauling worth Rs 16 thousand crores were received. 

Just a few days ago, Tejas MK-1A aircraft had flown, which was prepared by HAL itself. The Indian Air Force had given a project worth Rs 48 thousand crore to the company in February 2021. 

Under this, 83 light combat aircraft were ordered. Apart from this, there is now discussion that the company may get an order worth Rs 67 thousand crore for 97 more fighter planes.

Under this, the company was supposed to deliver the first aircraft by March 31, but due to some technical reasons, it is getting delayed. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited says that they have experienced steady growth over the past few years.

new orders are also being received

Their pace is continuing and new orders are also being received continuously. Manufacturing of Tejas aircraft is being seen as a big achievement by the company. 

Let us tell you that last year an agreement was signed between HAL and American engine manufacturer General Electric regarding the transfer of technology.

Under this, GE-414 aero-engines are to be manufactured in India. For this, the American company will transfer 80 percent of its technology. 

The company says that with this we will be able to be self-reliant in manufacturing engines with excellent technology. The chief of the company said that our effort is to acquire new technology and now weapons and jets should be used on their basis. 

Let us tell you that the LCA Mk-1A is a new technology engine. The Indian Air Force is the fourth-largest air force in the world. The company has also benefited greatly from the orders placed by him.

About Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd 

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL)is an aerospace company. It manufactures, repairs, and maintenance of Aircraft and Helicopters. 

It was created in the year 1964. The principal office of the company is located in Bangalore.

Fundamental Analysis of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Market Cap₹ 2,37,004 Cr.
Current Price₹ 3,544
52-wk High₹ 3,585
52-wk Low₹ 1,335
Stock P/E38.6
Book Value₹ 375
Dividend0.78 %
ROCE30.6 %
ROE27.2 %
Face Value₹ 5.00
P/B Value9.44
OPM25.2 %
EPS₹ 91.9
Debt₹ 0.37 Cr.
Debt to Equity0.00

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Shareholding Pattern

Promoters Holding
Dec 202275.15%
Mar 202371.65%
June 202371.64%
Sept 202371.64%
Dec 202371.64%
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FII Holding
Dec 20227.14%
Mar 20239.07%
June 202311.90%
Sept 202312.63%
Dec 202312.93%
DII Holding
Dec 202212.72%
Mar 202313.93%
June 202310.64%
Sept 20239.72%
Dec 20239.13%
Public Holding
Dec 20224.98%
Mar 20235.34%
June 20235.81%
Sept 20236.02%
Dec 20236.28%
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Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Share: Last 5 Years’ Financial Condition

To better understand how the market is performing, let’s look at the outlook of this share in the previous years. 

However, investors should be aware of the risks and the market conditions before making any investment decision.

Last 5 Years’ Sales:

2019₹ 20,008 Cr
2020₹ 21,445 Cr
2021₹ 22,882 Cr
2022₹ 24,620 Cr
2023₹ 28,107 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2019₹ 2,346 Cr
2020₹ 2,842 Cr
2021₹ 3,239 Cr
2022₹ 5,086 Cr
2023₹ 6,144 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Debt-To-Equity Ratio:

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Last 10 Years’ Profit Growth:

10 Years:7%
5 Years:24%
3 Years:28%
Current Year:1%

Last 10 years’ Return on Equity (ROE):

10 Years:22%
5 Years:25%
3 Years:27%
Last Year:27%

Sales Growth Over 10 Years:

10 Years:7%
5 Years:8%
3 Years:8%
Current Year:8%


This article is a complete guide about Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Share. This information and forecasts are based on our research, company fundamentals, history, experiences, and technical analyses. 

Also, We have discussed the share’s prospects and growth potential in detail.

This information will help you in your further investment. 

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