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Genus Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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Genus Power Share Price Target: Hello, and welcome to this article. Today, we’ll review Genus Power’s operations, how it earns profits, potential growth areas and all sorts of information regarding this business to gain a better understanding of the trend in price targets of Genus Power shares.

In addition, after analysing the company’s stock, we will share the results with you, so that you will have an ideas about this stock.

The company has good growth potential, and it is a great investment option for the long term. This article will discuss Genus Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030.

Before dive into Genus Power stock price targets let’s look at the Genus Power company background, the technical basics, fundamental analysis, shareholders, future potential etc.

It will help you in making a final decision about your next investment. However, first, let’s examine company history and its complete business structure.

Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, commonly referred to simply by the name of Genus Power, is a prominent participant in the Indian power industry.

Genus Power was founded in 1992 and has progressed significantly in energy and power management since then. Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is part of the Kailash Group. 

Fundamental Analysis Of Genus Power

  • Market Cap ₹ 6,938 Cr.
  • Current Price ₹ 269
  • High / Low ₹ 290 / 76.0
  • Stock P/E 130
  • Book Value ₹ 38.2
  • Dividend Yield 0.27 %
  • ROCE 6.13 %
  • ROE 3.61 %
  • Face Value ₹ 1.00
  • Price to book value 7.20
  • Price to Earning 132
  • OPM 10.6 %
  • EPS ₹ 2.08
  • Debt ₹ 347 Cr.
  • Debt to equity 0.35
  • Return on equity 3.61 %
  • Return on assets 2.20 %

Genus Power Company Overview

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is a specialist in the production and distribution of devices for the power industry and various others.

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is well-known for its manufacturing of various products, such as inverters, electricity meter batteries and other electrical equipment.

Product Line: Genus Power offers a variety of products and services that include:

Electrical Meters produce various electricity meters, such as smart and digital meters, used for precise measurements and billing of electricity consumption.

Inverters, as well UPS Systems Genus Power is well-known for its inverters and UPS systems. They are uninterruptible electrical supply (UPS) systems that provide backup power during outages.

Batteries: They make batteries for various uses, such as lead-acid and tubular batteries used in Inverters and solar batteries for renewable energy systems.

Solar Solution: Genus Power also offers solar inverters, solar panels and additional solar solutions that draw energy from renewable sources.

Power Electronics The company produces power electronics equipment, including voltage stabilizers and regulators.

Genus Power’s power backup systems: Genus Power provides backup power solutions that can be used for both commercial and residential applications.

Business Model of Genus Power

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited’s business model, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, revolves around its core energy and power sectors business.

Here’s a brief overview of Genus Power Infrastructures Limited’s business model:

1. Production and manufacturing: Genus Power Infrastructures Limited manufactures a variety of power-related equipment as well as products. It includes electricity meters, inverters, batteries and power electronics, solar solutions, and more. They have manufacturing plants designed to manufacture high-quality products catering to commercial and residential customers.

2. Product Development and Innovation: The most significant aspect of their business model is their emphasis on continual product development and innovation. They aim to remain at the cutting edge of technology in the power sector by developing advanced and efficient products. This includes creating smart meters energy, efficient inverters and environmentally friendly battery solutions that meet the changing consumer and regulatory demands.

3. Sales and Distribution: Genus Power distributes its products through a wide network of distributors, dealers and retailers in India and perhaps in international markets. This vast distribution network helps Genus Power reach a wide client base. They also have the option of selling their products directly to utility companies, government agencies, and large industrial customers.

4. Maintenance and Service: Apart from selling products, the company often offers services for installing, maintaining or repairing work on their equipment. This adds a revenue stream and also ensures customer satisfaction by providing after-sales service.

5. Concentrate on Renewable Energy: With The growing emphasis on renewable energies, Genus Power has expanded its offerings to include solar-based solutions. This is in line with the shift to green energy sources and presents Genus Power with new opportunities in the field of renewable energy.

Genus Power shareholding pattern

As of 2023, the shares of Genus Power are as follows –

  • Promoters– 50.42%.
  • Public– 41.56%.
  • Mutual Fund– 5.04%.
  • FII– 2.67%.
  • Others– 0.3%.

Genus Power Share Price target 2023

Share prices of the company reached a new all-time high on August 23 after securing Rs.1200 Cr in an order from NTPC. The CAGR of the last year for Genus Power is 220.73%.

Genus Power share price target 2023 as follows:

20231st Target- Rs.275
2nd Target- Rs.320

Genus Power Share Price Target 2024

The company is planning to expand its smart metering services both in India as well as overseas. It has already taken various contracts for smart meters and is well-positioned to take advantage of the increasing demand for smart metering services.

Genus Power share price target 2024 is as follows:

20241st Target- Rs.335
2nd Target- Rs.420
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Genus Power Share Price Target 2025

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited plans to focus its efforts on renewable energy for transmission and distribution.

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited has already secured various contracts for renewable energy projects and is planning to increase its presence in the growing market.

Genus Power share price target 2025 is as follows:

20251st Target- Rs.445
2nd Target- Rs.520

Genus Power Share price target 2026

The company intends to invest further in its distribution and transmission business. It plans to expand its reach and enhance its operational efficiency.

Genus Power share price target 2026 is as follows:

20261st Target- Rs.545
2nd Target- Rs.630

Genus Power Share Price Target 2027

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited intends to invest more in its transmission and distribution business. It plans to expand its network and increase the efficiency of its operations.

Genus Power share price target 2027 is as follows:

20271st Target- Rs.665
2nd Target- Rs.726
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Genus Power Share Price Target 2028

The company is planning to increase its presence internationally. It’s already operating in various countries and plans to expand its operations into new areas.

Genus Power share price target 2028 is as follows:

20281st Target- Rs.740
2nd Target- Rs.850

Genus Power Share Price Target 2029

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is trying to increase its capabilities in research and development. Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is working on new solutions and technologies to tackle the issues in the power industry.

Genus Power share price target 2029 is as follows:

20291st Target- Rs.860
2nd Target- Rs.980

Genus Power Share Price Target 2030

The company is certain that its plans for the future will succeed. It is determined to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for the power industry.

Genus Power share price target 2030 is as follows:

20301st Target- Rs.990
2nd Target- Rs.1070
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Historical Dividends of Genus Power Share

Here’s a brief summary of the history of Genus Share dividends in the past couple of years:

  • The 2022 year, the Company announced a dividend of Rs.0.25 per share in the final year.
  • The dividend was declared in the year 2021. The company declared an annual dividend of Rs.0.50 per share for the last year.
  • 2020 was the last time the Company paid a last dividend amounting to Rs.0.10 for each share.
  • In 2019, the Company declared a final dividend of Rs.0.58 per share.


This article is a complete guide to Genus Power Share Price Target, where you can find out what Genus Power is, its businesses, and Genus Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030.

Share price forecasts are based on our analysis, research, company fundamentals and history, experiences, and various technical analyses. Also, We have talked in detail about Genus Power’s future prospects and growth potential.

Hopefully, this information will help by having all the share price details of Genus Power so that you can consider investing in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the comment box. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you like this information, share the article with as many people as possible.

Disclaimer: Dear readers, we’d like to inform you that we are not authorized by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The information on this site is only for informational and educational purposes and shouldn’t be considered financial advice or stock recommendations. Also, the share price predictions are completely for reference purposes. The price predictions will only be valid when there are positive signs on the market. Any uncertainty about the company’s future or the current state of the market will not be considered in this study. Though this is just for informational purposes, We are not responsible for any financial loss you might incur through the information on this site. We are here to provide timely updates about the stock market and financial products to help you make better investment choices. Do your own research before any investment.



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