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First Day, Money Can Double; Share Is ₹190; This Stock Can Touch Rs 240

Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO has received a roaring response. More than 229 bets were placed on Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO. 

Ganesh Bharat’s shares have also been getting attention in gray markets. Shares of the company trade at a premium that is more than 125 percent on the grey market. 

This gray market value (GMP) for Ganesh Green Bharat’s stock is an indication that the shares of the company can be traded in the market and earn good profits. 

Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO was available for registration on July 5, 2024, and it was open until July 9.

Company’s Shares For 125 Percent

The cost of Ganesh Green Bharat’s shares in the IPO is the sum of Rs 191. In the same way, Ganesh Green Bharat’s shares are traded for 240 rupees in the market known as gray. 

The premium in the gray market for the shares of the company is greater than 130 percent. 

According to GMP, the shares of Ganesh Green Bharat can triple the amount of money investors invest within the first day.

Shares of Ganesh Green Bharat are scheduled to be displayed on the SME platform of the National Stock Exchange on Friday the 12th of July.

The total value of Ganesh Green Bharat’s stock market issue was 125.23 crore.

More Than 229 Bets Were Put On The Business’s IPO

Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO was attended by a total amount of 229.92 times. The quota for retail investors for Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO was a whopping 176.88 times. 

In addition, 470.44 times bets were placed into the non-institutional investors category. The group of Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) within the IPO has been viewed 154.50 times. 

Retail investors can bet one lot on the Ganesh Green Bharat’s IPO. The company sold 600 shares of just one batch of IPO. 

It means investors from the retail market were required to contribute an amount of Rs 114,000 to participate in the firm’s IPO. 

Before the IPO the stake of promoters at the time was 100 but it has been decreased to 73.42 percent.

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