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₹82 IPO: Massive Buying; 147% Return Possible In Just Single Day


Effwa Infra and Research IPO: Effwa Infra and Research’s IPO was subscribed 314 times since Tuesday, the day that was the final day of bidding.

The IPO was heavily backed by non-institutional and retail investors. The IPO began on July 5 and was closed on the 9th of July. The allotment process will begin on the 10th of July.

The trading of the shares of the company will be on the 12th of July. The price range of the issue was set at between Rs 78 and Rs 82 per share.

What Is The Ongoing GMP?

In the market that is not listed, Effwa Infra’s shares are trading at an increase of Rs 120.50. This is 147 percent higher than that of the IPO price.

It means the company’s shares could be sold for Rs 202.5. A total of that can be provided in the IPO is 51.27 crore.

The public offering consists of a new issue of shares worth the amount of 43.6 crores as well as an offering for sale (OFS) part that is 9.36 lakh shares.

What Is The Detail?

In the year ended in March 2024, the firm had a total profit of 145 crore rupees and an income of 13.8 crore rupees.

The money raised through an IPO is expected to fund the company’s working capital needs as well as capital expenditures, as well as other corporate-related purposes.

Effwa Infra & Research is involved in the field of engineering, consulting construction, and procurement, as well as the integrated management of projects for water pollution control.

Will Not Get The Same Return As Before

The returns on the equity market for investors may not be as high as those of the past three years over the coming three years.

A top official from the company that manages mutual funds Franklin Templeton revealed this information recently.

The Chief Investment Officer of the company (Emerging Markets Equity) R Janakiraman said that the returns would be ‘fine’ and would be higher than other types of assets.

This happens at a moment when benchmark indices set new heights and concerns are being voiced about the high valuations of the market.

Janakiraman has said that market valuations are high because India is still in the initial phases of its growth, which is expected to last about five years.

He also attempted to alleviate fears about investing too many funds in just a few stocks.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is only for informational and educational purposes and shouldn’t be considered financial advice or stock recommendations. 



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