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Don’t Follow Every PSU Stock; These Two PSU Stocks Are Quite Attractive; Complete Details

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PSU stocks are looking good at the moment, but this is not the time to take positions in any PSU stock.

These Two PSU stocks are attractive: Bharat Electronics Ltd, and Concor. There is a significant re-rating case for both of these companies due to further development opportunities.

It is possible to invest in these stocks, however, there’s no reason to keep track of each PSU stock solely because its valuations are low or because the stock is fixed.

On Paytm following the RBI regulation decision and the guidelines The CEO said that due to the way things have been unfolding, there was a glimmer of hope that a solution would come up and that they could be able to join with banks from other countries and keep a significant portion of their client base. It will be able to, but it is not clear exactly how it will proceed, therefore, it is fair to accept that this company may remain a laggard for a long time.

Another possibility to be aware of is that we live in a technological age and if you’re incapable of resolving an issue within a specific period, then other competitors could snatch the client base.

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Can Paytm Be Successful?

Paytm has now been experiencing the same issue and it’s more beneficial to leave it and enter the banking industry. If one wants to invest only on fintech platforms then one can look at Jio Financial.

PSU Stock

The PSU segment has been a significant factor. Large-scale re-rating is taking place and general elections are also coming and this has brought an element of new excitement for some of these companies, so now is the time to be a little more cautious.

We’ve seen how stocks corrected in mid-March and we think wherever you look, let’s say these quarterly numbers are a little stronger with a better growth outlook and we need to try to chase everything down. Instead, the focus should be on this.

Two PSU company are very attractive, one is Bharat Electronics and the other is Concor.

Opinion On The IT Sector

We have seen good growth in some sectors like TCS, HCL Tech, and Infosys, so this is one side of the story. Moreover, when you look at some other midcap companies.

He said that when you talk about large-cap companies, TCS has slightly better prospects compared to HCL Tech, Wipro, etc., and even Infosys, so if I have to choose one then I would choose TCS.



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