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Record Date For Double Dividend Fixed; Share Price ₹390; Final And Special Dividend

Garment and apparel segment company Arvind (NSE: ARVIND) has fixed the record date for the final and special dividend for its last financial year.

The company shared this information with the stock markets on Saturday.

The company announced that it had set the 19th of July 2024 as the date of record to determine the shareholders who are entitled to dividends.

The company has announced a final dividend of Rs 3.75 per share and a special dividend of one rupee to its investors. 

That is, investors will get Rs 4.75 per share. As per the firm, the dividend is expected to be paid out to investors as of the 6th of August.

Arvind Limited’s stock closed at 390.7 with a gain of more than one percent on Friday.

The Stock Is A Multibagger

Arvind’s stock is a multi-bagger stock, the 3-year return of the stock has been 352 percent. At the same time, investors have got a return of 183 percent on the stock in one year.

So far in the year 2024, the stock has given a return of 49 percent. At the same time, the stock has increased by more than 29 percent in 3 months. 

The stock has also increased by 13 percent in one month. 

The company’s sales in the March quarter increased by 10 percent to Rs 2074 crore as compared to last year. Profit has increased by 2 percent year-on-year to Rs 99 crore.

What Is Record Date

Which investor will get the benefit of any corporate action and who will not, is decided by the record date. 

The record date is the date on which only the investor registered as a shareholder in a company gets the benefit of that corporate action. 

That is, if you want to take advantage of a bonus or dividend, then you should trade in the stock before the ex-date so that the shares are registered in your name by the record date. 

Ex-date is the date when you get shares on purchase but do not get the benefit of that corporate action because the name of the new investor is registered on the share after the record date. 

Keep in mind that investments are not made only based on dividend announcements. 

However, if there is hope of further growth in the stock and you are thinking of investing, then you can avail dividend along with investment before the record date.

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