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₹89 Share; 25% Massive Return Today; This Stock Hit Upper Circuit After Entry

Ambey Lab IPO Listing: The shares of the agrochemical firm Ambey Lab made a strong debut on the NSE’s SME platform today. The company’s IPO was over 173 times its total offer. 

Share was sold for 68 rupees under the IPO. Today, they have been listed on the NSE SME at Rs 85 or, IPO investors have received an increase in listing 25% (Ambey Lab Listing Gain). 

Following the listing, shares increased. They climbed to the top range of 89.25 (Ambey LabShare Price), and IPO investors are now making a 31.25 percent gain.

Ambey Lab IPO Got A Large Response

Ambe Lab’s 44.68 crore IPO was available for registration from 4 to 8 July. The IPO was met with a huge response from investors, and in total, it was resubscribed 173.18 times. 

The section specifically for qualified institutional buyers (QIB) has been filled 61.90 times. 

The section that was specifically designed for Non-Institutional Investors (NII) was filled 324.22 times, and the part for retail investors was filled 195.06 times.

In this IPO new shares worth approximately 42.55 crore were issued. Additionally, 3.12 lakh shares with a face value of Rs. 10 have been sold in the offer-to-sale window. 

The proceeds from a Sale for Sale will be given to shareholders who sell the shares. 

Additionally, the profits from the sale of shares are utilized by the company to cover the need for working capital to fund general corporate goals and for the costs related to an issue.

About Ambey Lab

Ambe Lab, formed in the year 1985, makes Agrochemicals for the protection of crops. Its clients are major corporations such as Aromatic Chemicals JR Jindal Infraprojects and SC Formulators. 

Concerning its financial condition of the business it made net profits of 10.34 crore in 2021’s financial year but it dropped to 3.57 crore by the following fiscal year in 2022. 

The situation then was improved, and it earned an income of 4.57 crore in 2023’s fiscal year. 

During this time the company’s revenue increased by a compound (CAGR) of over 14 percent per year to 107.43 crore. 

When we look at the previous financial year 2023-24, which lasted 10 months i.e. until January 2024, the company had net profits of the sum of Rs6.08 crore and an income of 100.44 crore.

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