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‘BUY’ Calls For These Three Share; Company’s Growing Focus On Domestic Aircraft Manufacturing

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Stocks in the defense sector: Top experts have initiated coverage of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Data Patterns (India) Ltd with a ‘buy’ rating.

In addition, it has maintained a positive view of Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL).

They have a price target of 3912 rupees for HAL (18 percent higher than the market rate), Rs 3344 for Data Pattern (13 percent more than the market price), and Rs 258 for BEL (29 percent higher than the market price currently).

A recent report says that Data Pattern is a top aerospace and defense electronics firm.

It will gain from the indigenization process and the growth of exports. 

The company’s revenues could see 5 times the growth from the fiscal year 2024 until fiscal year 2030. The biggest portion of HAL’s earnings comes from the services sector.

With the government’s growing attention to domestic manufacturing of aircraft, The company is likely to see increased growth in its product line in the future, too. 

BEL is the dominant defense electronics company, with its most significant share of earnings coming directly from the Navy and Army.

As the report stated, the company’s debt-free standing and impressive working capital base help it maintain its standing in the defense industry.

Increase In Capital Expenditure

India is one of the top three defense spenders, however, it’s a long way from China and the US as well as China.

Despite its vast surface and coastline, defense spending is negligible.

India is the second-largest importer of military equipment. Recently, the government’s focus on producing defense-related products has increased.

In the wake of this increase in capital expenditure, there has been an increased capital investment in this area. This industry is expected to increase by about 7-8 percent annually.

Defense Stocks Will Benefit

Indigenization initiatives will increase the country’s defense budget. Exports are estimated to reach $7 billion by 2030.

The report states that exports from India to Italy, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia may increase. Many export prospects exist within the Middle East, especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Likely To Gain Defense Spending

The report adds that the global geopolitical crisis and India’s increased emphasis on self-reliance affect domestic defense firms’ books of orders and profits.

The government’s emphasis on building partnerships between countries to encourage exports is just the cherry on the cake.

Defense stocks are likely to increase in the coming years, and defense spending on the domestic level is forecast to grow by twofold between fiscal years 2024 and 2030.



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